Corporate Financing

KGI Bank is the best financial partner of enterprises, offering complete solutions and professional services.

General Financing
Operating Working Capital: Short-term and mid-term financing to help enterprises deploy funds flexibly
Capital Expenditure Financing: Mid-term and long-term loans for purchasing lands, factories, machinery and equipment
Guarantee Business: KGI guarantees corporate credit for quick and secure business transactions
Policy-Based Professional Loan: We help you start your business with sufficient capital by collaborating with government incentives
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Import Business: Comprehensive services to meet import financing needs
Export Business: Comprehensive services to meet export financing needs
Accounts Receivable Business: Avoid credit risk, reduce operating costs and stabilize cash flow
Supply Chain Financing Business:KGI Bank as a common cash and information flow platform to enhance the overall efficiency of the supply chain
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Trade Service and Financing
Syndicated Loan, Structured Finance and Project Finance
Syndicated Loan: Large-scale financing joining with more banks and extensive experience in syndicated loan and project finance
Structured Finance: KGI offers a wide range of financing solutions including leveraged finance, mezzanine finance and growth capital to meet the funding needs of enterprises in business expansion, mergers & acquisitions and innovative development
Project Finance: Extensive experience in the project finance from building power plant to develop industrial parks. Together with financial advisory services, KGI is geared to provide the best financing solutions for our clients from planning to execution
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Solve the problems of insufficient collateral and capital for SMEs.
Credit guarantee and financing services provided to help enterprises quickly obtain funds.
Diversified financing projects and credit guarantees to help you grow.
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Credit Guarantee Fund and Guaranteed Financing
Bonds/Bills Underwriting
With our extensive experience and profession, we help Corporates plan, issue and distribute corporate bonds to obtain mid and long-term Capital Expenditure.
Through KGI Bank, Corporates can issue Commercial Papers flexibly for short-term funding.
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New industry loans: In line with government policies, KGI provides preferential financing for 7 major new industries for startup success.
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Other Financing Services