The more you save, the more interest you earn

Multipurpose deposit account
Direct deposit of interest into your account every 6 months
A debit card for convenient cash withdrawal and worldwide transfers
Multi-purpose deposit functions
Easy transfer to pay your bills
Flexible terms from 1 to 36 months
Fixed or flexible interest rate
Automatic renewal of fixed deposits upon maturity
Overdraft facility on fixed deposits
Negotiable Certificate of Deposits
Term deposits options to help you save
Check deposit services
Customized checks
Monthly printed statements for quick reconciliation
Overdraft facility of checks
Diversified fund management services
Automatic repayment of loan principal, interest and utility bills
Eligible to apply if you are over the age of 20
Monthly discounts on inter-bank withdrawals
Easily pay your bills on the go
Discounts on service fees for foreign currency exchange and mutual funds
Digital account, digital life
Safe deposit box
Surveillance system
Equipped with thick steel plate
Automatic alarm sensor
24/7 anti-theft security system
Casualty insurance against theft
Open an account online, and enjoy on-site services provided by our financial consultants
Premium interest rate
No service fees for withdrawal or transfer
Electronic payroll statements to fast check details online
Discounts on service fees for newly-purchased mutual funds
Exclusive payroll account benefits
Link your KGIB account to simplify everyday spending
3 steps to link your deposit account with your mobile payment apps
Top up your e-wallet and dircet pay by bank account instantly
E-mail notifications for every transaction
Check your account details anytime
Savings discount for civil servants
Exclusive discounts
"Thanks to KGI Bank's term deposit services, I can save money with a preferential interest rate and flexible terms."
One account for all digital services