Plan for a brighter future

Insurance:Plan for a brighter future
Insurance-Wealth Accumulation
Save and accumulate funds
Stable wealth accumulation with long-term investment
Basic life insurance coverage
Enjoy flexible payment terms in various currencies
Stay insured while investing
Use separate accounts for your diversified investment strategies
Pay premiums and manage funds easily
Flexibly adjust the amount of insurance coverage based on your needs
Investment-linked Insurance
Protection-oriented Insurance
Preserve your wealth for your loved one
You may choose whole life or term life protection
Tranfer risks through insurance plans
Lower premium at younger age for life time protection
Coverage on illness or accident
Cover expenses for hospital confinement, cancer treatment, long-term care, major disease treatment and accidents
We provide personal medical coverages for unexpected conditions
Health/Accident Insurance
"KGI Bank's insurance plans secure my life."
KGI Bank provides you with comprehensive and diversified insurance plans.
Comprehensive insurance plans for you and your family.