We make it our mission to deliver sustainable financial solutions
"We Care"
KGI Bank adheres to the belief of "We Care", and we make it our mission to provide non-profit organizations and disadvantaged groups with long-term and sustainable support by providing access to our resources and financial technology
Inclusive finance via digital technology
With digital technology, we help people who have difficulties in obtaining financial services to enjoy banking at reasonable prices. As the Covid-19 epidemic has been impacting people's livelihood and finances, we cooperated with iCHEF and launched "Restaurant Loan 2.0", using data analysis technology to help catering companies obtain funds. Also, the first "Taxi Driver Revolving Loan" and "Hairdresser Revolving Loan" were launched to help persons who have the unstable income to build credit and obtain bank loans
Renewable energy financing for green energy industry
To support the government's goal of generating 20% of its electricity through renewable energy by 2025, KGI Bank has been working on financing projects related to renewable energy power generation, demonstrating its determination to put sustainable finance into practice. In 2020, KGI Bank served as the co-organizing bank for two large-scale joint loan projects: ChenYaEnergy's Changhua Industrial park's 180MW floating solar project and Whole Sun No.1's Xuejia District's 60MW solar project. In 2021, KGI Bank was responsible for Jhih-Guang Energy's NT$5.7 billion syndicated loan project, a developed Taiwan's most significant fishery and electricity symbiosis project. We estimate that the compound annual growth rate of the amount of overall green credit in the next 3 years would be around 3% to 5%.
Cooperate with customers to support the development of green energy industry
KGI Bank proactively promotes green and sustainability development. The green deposit funds will be used for the financing needs of the green industry and support the development green energy industry in Taiwan. This scheme is certified by an independent third party and an attestation report on pre-issuance is obtained. Every year, an attestation report on the evaluation of the use of funds for this scheme will be issued, which will be disclosed in KGI Bank's website.
Online donation platform for charity
As a pioneer in the industry, KGI Bank has set up a "We care, we donate" platform for social welfare groups and to help them build a convenient and safe online donation system. Anyone can donate with their credit or debit card within 3 minutes. Also, through the "KGI inside" open API service, we help social welfare services connect with the digital tax and payment platform of Taiwan Financial Information Service CO., Ltd, reducing the fees of online donations by nearly 80%. This way, social welfare services have more funds for those in need.
Local care with China Development Foundation
Every year, top managers and colleagues participate in China Development Foundation's long-standing charity program "Lunch Date" to cook for teachers and students on rural campuses. In addition, we have worked with the Foundation to develop the "KGI Financial Management Sessions" for elementary school students in rural areas, helping the young generation to build the proper attitude toward money.
Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures
KGIB is aware of the impact of climate change on business operations as well as investments and financing decisions. Therefore, it has established climate governance and management measures to strengthen the climate resilience of the Bank. KGIB compiles the TCFD report in accordance with the framework of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and elucidates the actual actions taken by the Bank from the four aspects of “Governance,” “Strategy,” “Risk Management,” and “Metrics and Targets.”