Cash Management

KGI helps you manage your corporate cash flow effectively

Account Service
KGI offers up to 0.87% preferential interest rate that is calculated daily and deposited monthly, and there is no limit on the amount of interests accumulated
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KGI offers convenient interbank payment services for enterprises to make payments easily, quickly and reliably.
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Payment Service
Collection Service
KGI offers convenient bill collection and reconciliation services. You can create a payment account based on payer's ID or order number, and instantly check payment status with Corporate E-Banking and E-Collection Web Platform
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What is Repurchase agreement:An agreement between investor and bank to buy back bonds/bills with a pre-determined tenor、interest rate and amount
Types: Repurchase Agreement(RP) and Reverse Repurchase Agreement(RS)
Repurchase Agreement (RP):Bank sell bonds/bills to the investor and buy back with a pre-determined tenor and interest paid to the investor
Reverse Repurchase Agreement(RS):Bank buy bonds/bills from the investor and sell back with a pre-determined tenor and interest paid by the investor
Repurchase trade Make flexible of your asset