Corporate NTD Demand Deposit Account

A preferential interest account according to deposit amount level. The more you save, the more interests you earn

Exclusive for cash management clients
Corporate customers who have applied for any one of the cash management services, such as corporate e-banking, salary transfer, ACH/eACH, virtual account and corporate credit line is eligible for preferential interest rates on NTD demand deposits

Up to 1.035% of preferential interest rate

End-of-the-day balance of demand deposits (NTD)

Board interest rate

Overweight interest rate

Preferential interest rate

$3 million - $10 million (exclusive)




$10 million - $50 million (exclusive)



$50 million - $100 million (exclusive)



$100 million - $300 million (exclusive)



 $300 million - $500 million (exclusive)



 $500 million (inclusive) and above




Calculated daily and paid monthly
Interests are calculated with preferential interest rates applied on the same day. Interests are calculated daily and paid monthly

Full-value preferential interest rate
When account balance reaches the standard range, preferential interest rate will apply to all of the amount with no need for sectional interest


  • Customers are required to fill out the application form for Corporate New Taiwan Dollar Preferential Interest Demand Deposit Account and choose only one NTD account with KGI Bank to be eligible for the preferential interest rate, excluding provision accounts, pledge accounts and securities accounts and excluding financial industry, insurance industry, securities industry (excluding ledger accounts), Chunghwa Post, financial holding companies and trust industry
  • If the applicant is no longer eligible after approval, the interests will be calculated based on the bank's NTD demand deposit board interest rates
  • The interests are calculated daily and paid monthly. If the account balance does not reach the minimum required range specified in the above table at the end of the day, the interests shall be calculated based on the bank's NTD demand deposit board interest rates. No interests are calculated for account balance under NT$10,000.

  • KGI Bank reserves the right to approval, change or terminate related terms and conditions (including but not limited to cash management products, end-of-the-day deposit balance range and preferential interest rate
  • Please refer to the application form and agreed terms for more details of such account (including applicant's exercise of rights and restrictions and the bank's rights and obligations and responsibilities)