Syndicated Loan, Structured Finance and Project Finance

General Domestic and Foreign Syndicated Loan

  • For large amount of funding demand for our Corporate customers, by offering syndicated loans, KGI supports our customer on their capital expenditures, M&As, refinancing, and working capital needs.
  • Corporate customers are able to build relationships with more banks, to raise large amount of financing efficiently, and to boost market awareness in short period of time. 
  • We have extensive experience on structuring syndicated loan as the Mandated Lead Arranger & Bookrunner, offering financing solutions from design, pricing, executdion, and distribution.

Structured finance and M&A Financing

  • KGI offers tailored-made financing solutions for customers in Asia-Pacific region including cross-border transactions, acqustion and leveraged buyouts, privatization and other special demands.
  • In terms of financing, KGI is able to offer bridge loans, leveraged loans, mezzanine financing, and equity financing to cope with customers demand.

Project Finance

  • Inherited to extensive experience, KGI offers project finance services from building power plants, including thermal power, renewable energy, solar power, wind power to develop industrial parks.
  • KGI also provides professional financial advisory services in the best interest of our customers, where we design terms and condition, capital structure, and negociate with mutiple parties. 
  • In terms of financing instruments, KGI is able to offer leasing, trusts, and syndicated loans. KGI is committed to offer the best financing solutions for our customers from planning to execution.