Trade Service and Financing

KGI Bank is the best financial partner for enterprises, offering complete solutions and professional services.

Import Business

  • Import L/C issuance
  • Back-to-Back L/C issuance
  • Guarantee
  • Import D/P and D/A collection
  • Import financing, including import letter of credit financing, import collection financing and import O/A financing

Export Business

  • L/C Advising
  • L/C Transfer
  • Export D/P and D/A collection
  • Export L/C Negotiation
  • Export financing, including export collection financing and export O/A financing
  • Forfaiting

Accounts Receivable Business

  • KGI undertakes accounts receivable
    • All accounts receivable arising from the sale of products or services by the enterprise shall be assigned to KGI
  • KGI takes credit risks
    • KGI takes the risks when the buyer may be unable to make payment due to financial difficulties or delay payments 
  • KGI manages accounts receivable and collection payments
    • We track and manage accounts receivable to help reduce your burden and increase the turnover rate
  • Financing
    • Accounts receivable can be directly converted into cash, allowing you to consolidate cash flow and strengthen your financial health

Supply Chain Financing Business

  • KGI serves as a platform for the AP payment and AR financing of each vendor in the supply chain, integrating cash flow and information flow, for more efficient operations between the central vendor and its suppliers
  • Benefits for central vendor
    • Reduce the financial pressure of suppliers and strengthen supply relation
    • Enhance corporate image
    • favorable price of financial services
    • Extend payment terms of accounts payable for more flexibility in the use of funds
  • Benefits for suppliers
    • Increase financial channels
    • Easy and convenient financing application
    • Smooth and quick appropriation proceess
    • Reduce operating costs through accounts receivable management at KGI