Credit Guarantee Fund and Guaranteed Financing

Financing methods exclusively planned for SMEs

  • "SMEs Credit Guarantee Fund" provides credit guarantees to help SMEs solve the problems of insufficient collateral and inability to obtain sufficient funds. KGI offers application, credit and financing services.
  • Some industries can obtain direct gurantees from credit gurantee fund or indirect guarantees from relevant government agencies. KGI offers credit and financing services.
  • A maximum loan amount of NT$150 million to help you grow.

Diversified financing projects and credit guarantee 

  • General loans, including short-term and mid-term turnover financing and capital expenditure financing such as the purchases of land, factory, machinery and equipment with up to 90% of guaranty percentage.
  • Export loans to solve possible capital cap before and after export with up to 90% of guaranty percentage.
  • Disaster restoration project loans to help you start again if you suffer from unexpected damage with a minimum of 80% and a maximum of 90% loan ratio.
  • Other financing projects include knowledge-based economy corporate financing, policy-based financing and material-purchase turnover financing, covering different industries.