Here are some tips you need to know more about our APP

Find out new ways to use our APP easily. Don't miss out on our tutorial tips!


Tip 1:Feature Keyword Search|Enter keyword to find everything you need

Click Magnifier icon on the upper right corner of the page and enter keyword to search all features of the APP.




Tip 2:Activity Homepage|Customize homepage and set shortcuts to personalize your APP

Click Edit on the upper right corner of the page blocks.
Design and create your own homepage.




Tip 3:Switch Transfer Account |The KGI APP intelligently defaults the account with a higher balance as the payment account. You can freely switch it!

Before entering the transfer amount, you can freely select the transfer account by clicking the "v" symbol in the upper right corner.
Navigation: Transaction → Transfer / Remittance



Tip 4:Fill out transfer notes| Enter a note under the transfer amount to view transaction details clearly


Tip 5:Transaction details in past one year|Click Magnifier icon, leave no details overlooked

Click the account card you want to check on the "Overview - Deposits" page, view the account balance and the details of 7 days or 30 days. 
You can also click Magnifier icon to view the transaction details for the past one year.
 ✓ Navigation: Overview  Deposits  Click the account card you want to check  Click Magnifier icon 




Tip 6:Nickname of frequently used account| Effortlessly manage your transfer list by customizing and editing the nickname

Click Edit on the upper right corner of the page, and then click Pencil icon.
You can edit the nickname of Personal KGI Account, Designated Account and Frequently Used Account.
✓ Navigation: Transaction  Transfer / Remittance  Edit


Tip 7:Fast Login and Transaction|Fast Login with a biometric / pattern password

Biometric (Face/Fingerprint) or pattern password can be enabled after device binding. Quick login without entering password!
Navigation: Personalized Settings → Settings  Fast Login and Transaction




Tip 8:Service Settings| Streamline your digital financial experience with our convenient selection of commonly used functions

Electronic passbook delivery, Managing designated accounts, Risk assessment questionnaire…, fulfill every requirement with ease.
✓ Navigation: Personalized Settings  Settings  Preference



✓ List of Preference Settings:






Bank Card Activation

Managing Designated Accounts

Credit Card Cash Advance Password Setting

Risk Assessment Questionnaire

Consent to Use of Client Data

Electronic Passbook Delivery

Trust Inward Transfer Account Setup

Recommendation Agreement

Salary Statement Query

KGI Securities Settlement Account Settings

KGI Securities Agreement to The Use of Personal Data

Binding Mobile No. to Account

Credit Card Installment Agreement


Tip 9:Scheduled Transaction Management| Efficiently manage your scheduled transaction list, ensuring a clear and organized view at a glance

Click on Sched. Trans. Mgmt. on the transaction page to take each appointment transaction in control.
You can check, edit or cancel scheduled transactions with ease.

✓ Navigation: Transaction → Sched. Trans. Mgmt.




Tip 10:Turn on App notification of credit card transaction and service |Receive real-time purchase notification !

✓ Navigation: Personalized Settings  Settings   Preference - Reminder Alert Settings → Credit card transaction and service