Real Estate Trust

We manage real estate property entrusted by clients, generally speaking, real estate trust can be divided into Real Estate Manage Trust, Real Estate Development Trust, and others.

 A brief introduction of Real Estate Trust

  • Real Estate Manage Trust:
    For the purpose of asset management and protection, the "trustee" will manage buildings or lands under the name of "trustor" and deliver the trust benefits to the "beneficiary" as agreed in the trust contract.
  • Real Estate Development Trust:
    For the purpose of real estate construction and urban renewal, the "trustee" will manage real estate and construction funds under the name of the "trustor" (construction company or landlord) and return the completed real estate to the "beneficiary" as agreed in the trust contract.

Benefits of Real Estate Trust

  • Professionalism: Bank provides professional management services to increase the efficiency of utilization and safety of assets.
  • Independence: Eliminate interference from external factors through risk segmentation function of trust.
  • Security: Property rights safeguarded by the bank to avoid improper mortgage or be managed arbitrarily.
  • Trust: Enhance mutual trust amount landlords and construction companies to smooth the construction process.
  • The bank manages construction funds for the sole purpose of completing the construction project and to avoid misappropriation of funds.