Custodian Bank Service for FINI/FIDI

We provide trading and asset management services for foreign investors to invest in domestic securities.

Services we provide to FINI/FIDI clients

Eligibility: Overseas Chinese and foreign nationals. They can appoint a bank approved by the FSC to custody and handle their assets in Taiwan.
Our services for them include:

  • Identity registration: Apply for registration with Taiwan Stock Exchange and acquire the tax registration number from National Taxation Bureau.
  • Account opening: Open bank account, Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation (TDCC) account, and securities account.
  • Securities trading: Buying and selling of Taiwan stocks, investing in Taiwan securities and participating in cash capital increase, etc.
  • Asset custody: Asset custody of funds and securities, accounting affairs, and report provision.
  • Shareholders' equity: Receive dividends and exercise shareholders' rights on their behalf.

Custodian Bank Service for FINI/FIDI
The procedure of accounts opening 

  • Step 1: Provide company licenses or personal ID and basic information
  • Step 2: Sign the custody contract (including Power of Attorney)
  • Step 3: Register with Taiwan Stock Exchange and acquire an investor identity number
  • Step 4: Open NTD, TDCC, and securities trading accounts
  • Step 5: Wire transfer funds to start investing