We offer enterprises fast, secure and convenient comprehensive digital financial services

Product features

I. Real-time payment information 

The interface is user-friendly and easy to use, and it supports quick account inquiry and various functions in New Taiwan Dollar and foreign currencies to meet the daily transaction needs of enterprises.

II. Convenient and secure remittance transfer service 

It is easy to set up authorization, regardless of whether it is a single or batch transaction.

III. Easy to use

Complete draft transaction templates and payee management mechanism, allowing companies to save labor costs and complete payment operations quickly.

IV. Internal control

A fully-functional and flexible corporate authorization center to support the internal system control needs of enterprises.

V. Remittance service fee discount

The remittance service of interbank is better than that of over-the-counter, and there is no time or place restrictions for you to trade in either New Taiwan Dollar or foreign currencies.

Highest standard of transaction security

You can use e-certificate and token plug-in transaction authorization.

I. Encrypted network transmission 

We use the same highest network encryption level—SSL256—as international banks with electronic messages of online transactions transmitted in cipher text to ensure the messages are confidential, complete, non-repetitive and traceable.

II. AES-encrypted transaction data

After the company's financial system transfers the entire payment files and the files become AES encrypted, they will be uploaded and approved for immediate payment. The files encrypted and uploaded cannot be modified, and this is to avoid the risks of internal operations within the company and ensure the data stays safe and secure (AES encryption is optional)