ACH/eCH collection and payment service

The interbank collection and payment services for corporates

Easy large-volume and periodic collections and payments
You can choose KGI Bank as the initiating bank for ACH/eACH authorized collections and payments to make collection and payment easier, safer, quicker and more reliable and to improve the efficiency of fund utilization, account management and writing-off operations

Applicable Types
Authorized collections: Insurance premium deductions, building management fee deductions, installment repayments, guild membership fees, cram school fees, charitable donations, etc
Authorized payments: Cash dividend payments, insurance claims, subsidy payments, payments of goods, etc

Benefits of ACH/eACH collections and payments

1. Secure e-authorization services
The payer can quickly complete online authorization via "financial chip card" or "natural person certificate"
Convinient  24-hour deduction agreement service
Secure  Highly secure online process using "financial chip card" or "natural person certificate"
Quick  Simple, and fast application process and instantly know the results and effective time of application
Environmental-friendly → Paperless online application

2. Instant entry and withholding service
You can use our corporate online banking or API to instantly initiate account entry and withholding functions and check your account status

3. User-friendly file uploading interface
You can upload files through corporate Internet banking or over-the-counter. Corporate internet banking also provides Taiwan Clearing House standard format and simplified Excel format for different business sizes. Corporates can easily upload files, regardless of whether they have the capabilities to develop their own systems or need manual assistance

4. Integrated collection and write-off system
A platform integrated with E-Collection Web Platform for you to synchronously manage ACH/eACH seal signature verifications and debit files and easily receive and write-off payments