Virtual Account Collection

Simplify your offsetting process for easy bill collection

Every payer has a dedicated virtual account
Every payee can clearly identify different payers, making collection and payment easy and efficient

Diversified combinations
The payee can set up a virtual account based on amount, payment period, membership number and other needs to speed up write-off process, and avoid wrong account transfers, overpayments, short payments, etc

Wide range of applications
Usages include periodic payments (such as management fees, membership fees and rent), consumer payments (such as ticket purchases and online shopping), company payments and project payments (such as seasoned equity offering), regardless whether it is an individual or company, or NTD or foreign currencies

Diversified collection methods
The virtual account supports a variety of payment methods, payee can make payments through ATM, convenience stores, post offices, internet banking, web ATM, over-the-counter and credit cards (only limited to tuition and specific fee payments)

Systematic write-off mechanism
You can download virtual account statement files in txt and CSV formats through corporate internet banking for easy reconciliation and daily account review

Instant payment notification
You can instantly receive payment or review deposit details through 24-hour available internet banking or web service that connects with our bank