Corporate Fundraising Collection

We are always at your service, be it corporate capital increase, employee subscription or private offering

Our virtual account collection service helps you fully grasp the status and cash flow of your fundraising and collection process

4 steps for corporate fund-raising collection

Step 1: Sign authorized collection contract/Consignment Contract for Depositing Proceeds/virtual account application/corporate internet banking application with client

Step 2: Provide a dedicated account (virtual account) for every payer/payment form

Verify the payment account and amount based on the needs of the customer's stock agency. Each virtual account will be binded to the customer's account at the bank for the payment to be automatically deposited in that account

Step 3: Create a shareholder's basic profile file prior to subscription start date
The file is generally provided by the stock agency. If the stock agency provides the shareholder's share transfer information to our bank, the basic file in our bank system will be updated as well

Step 4: Start collection

We will open all banking channels for shareholders to make payments. It is not necessary to entrust multiple banks to collect payments due to one single banking channel

The customers can check the shareholders' payment status, download write-off files and provide write-off details any time through corporate internet banking. The time points for providing write-off details can be selected by the stock agencies and the issuing companies, and they include:
1. Morning of each business day to provide information of the previous business day
2. Afternoon of each business day to provide information from 17:00 of the previous business day to 17:00 on the current day
3. Morning of the business day following the subscription closing date to provide all collection information
4.  Afternoon of the subscription closing date to provide all collection information 

The shareholder's basic profile file and write-off file formats can be customized upon stock agencies and customers' requests