Wang Tun Chou

Executive Vice President, Head of FinTech and Chief Information Security Officer


With 25 years of experience in Internet and cloud technology research & development and business development, he has been involved in internet start-ups for a long time. And has also assisted start-ups in Asia to expand their business cooperation opportunities.

Chief Information Officer
Next Bank
Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resource Officer, International Business Division
Cloud + Enterprise BG Lead, Azure Business Development Manager
Microsoft Taiwan & Asia Pacific
R&D Manager
Yam Digital
"The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity."
Education & Honor
National Taiwan University
Master of Computer Science & Information Engineering
National Chiao Tung University
Bachelor of Applied Mathematics
Key Experience
Construct a neo-bank with a next-generation information system
• During the period of Chief Information Officer, Next Bank. Constructed the banking information system which is based on microservices and the cloud-enabled within security-first architecture.
• Before Next Bank launched, it has obtained ISO 27001 information security standard and personal information protection standard certification BS10012. Based on the dynamic resource elastic configuration of the microservice architecture, it successfully passed the huge network loads in the early stage of opening.
Agile organization transformation
• During 91APP, took the lead on the R&D department adjusting the agile organizational structure and project assessment.
• Driving agile transformation in six months by mobilizing company-wide executives in 91APP, allowing the development project to have greater management transparency and significantly reducing unnecessary overtime.
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