Terrence Lin

Executive Vice President, Head of Payment Banking

 Since 2017, Terrence collaborated with Taiwan Taxi Corp and launched “Taxi Driver Small Revolving Loan” using the proprietary scoring model backed by big data analysis on drivers’ daily takings, driving record and e-payment to gauge their income levels and credit risk. The project was awarded Social Inclusion Award from TAISE in 2018, and three major Future Commerce Awards from Business Next in 2020.
Executive Vice President
Head of Consumer Banking, KGI Bank
Chief Executive Officer
Credit Card and Payment, Union Bank of Taiwan
Senior Vice President
Cards and Personal Loan Business, Citibank
Vice President
Marketing & Planning, Personal Financial Service, HSBC
“ Mobile devices, high-speed data communication, and e-commerce are creating expectations that secure, convenient, real-time payment and banking services should be available whenever they are needed – this is an ecosystem we’re committed to building.”
Education & Honor
National Taiwan University
Executive MBA in Finance
New York Institute of Technology, U.S.
M.A., Communication Arts
Key Experience
Rich experiences in Consumer Banking business
• Serves as Executive Vice President of KGI Bank, responsible for the bank’s payment strategies and business planning.
• Acted as Head of Consumer Banking at KGI Bank from 2015 to 2020.
• During the tenure as CEO of Credit Card and Payment at UBOT, Terrence launched the first Visa-certified NFC mobile credit card in Taiwan market which accelerated the growth of mobile payment business.
• Took on executive roles at Citibank, HSBC and Bank of America, led product planning, telemarketing, strategic alliance and business development.
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