Andy Tseng

Executive Vice President, Head of Channel Development

Andy was the Head of Credit Card Sales at Citibank Taiwan from 2013 to 2018, Sales productivity was among top 3 countries in Citibank Asia-Pacific region and the activate rate and consumption amount of credit cards were the first Ranking in Taiwan. 
Senior Vice President
Citibank Taiwan
Sales Director
Retail Banking, ANZ (China)
Vice President
Personal Financing, Citibank (China)
“It’s through continuous innovation and changes that we offer financial services that exceed customers’ expectations, and establish a brand image of ‘safe’, ‘inclusive’ and ‘innovative’ of KGI Bank.”
Education & Honor
Tamkang University
Bachelor, Business Administration
Key Experience
Extensive working experience in multinational banks
• Served at Citibank Taiwan and China, responsible for wealth management and credit card business; the banks’ profitability was one of the best in the market .
• Responsible for promotion of credit card business, participated in digital transformation and improved NPS customer satisfaction metrics while serving at Citibank Taiwan from 2013 to 2018.
• Planned opening of new branches, committed to talent training and built brand image while serving at Citibank (China).
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